Dinzey House ~ Le Brigantin
Gustavia Harbour, St-Barth

Event planning

The Dinzey House, also called Le Brigantin, is a colonial house by Gustavia harbor, in Saint-Barth a French Carribean island. It was built by the Dinzeys, a wealthy merchant family, during the colonial period around 1820-1830 while Saint-Barth was still Swedish.

The house is unique, it has been restored to its original state: both inside and outside, the place is a real testimony of 19th century architecture and way of life.
It grants you the opportunity to organize your own event in a spacious and tasteful environement. The house is your own for you to enjoy. Le Brigantin is situated in the center of Gustavia which allows an easy access to all commodities.


Bungalows for rent

We also provide two colonial bungalows for rent to enjoy your stay on the island.





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Your events in St-Barth

With catering facilities, we organize all kinds of events from formal gala dinners to festive parties including traditional celebrations:

...with a special care on your needs and the success of your event, we will give you and your guests an experience you will not forget!

Dinzey House - St-Barth
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